Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Foolish Dreamin'

When I was first inspired to write my last novel, I will admit that the seed planted was from an old movie. After watching Lady Jane as a teenager, I immersed myself in the history of the Nine Days' Queen. I read non-fiction books and learned the Tudor line and fell in love with the rich, mysterious, sometimes devastating history of sixteenth century England.

It was a mild obsession.

Lady Jane is a historical figure who I have some how felt kindred to, especially years after learning about her, when I had to decide my own allegiance to God through religion. When I had to cast off old ways and put on new, no matter how much it hurt.

And then, as an adult (dare I say, middle age?), her story inspired me to write my own story with her as the central figure.

And, it sits, completely written, three years later, without a home but my laptop and a friend's kindle. I dreamed of bringing her to life again in the hearts of readers. I dreamed of giving her an alternative story to her tragic end recorded in history.

And I still love the story of Lady Jane Grey, and the story of Lady Jane Lives by Angie Dicken.

I still dream of publication. No matter how tough the market, how difficult the break-in. And I dream
of writing more of her story-- some day.

Foolish dreamin'? Perhaps. I mean, it's been a long dry road, this trip to publication. And I am not even certain this road leads to that in the first place.

I will tell you a secret. Maybe even more foolish than dreaming of publication.
Every time I see a flock of birds,  I pray that some editor out there is considering my novel. 
Ridiculous, huh?
If you know the Lady Jane movie at all, you know that it ends with the Platonic quote in the above image, and a flock of birds reaching the heavens.

It's a quote I've memorized all these years. As I have most of the Lady Jane movie.

Wonder if one day, a quote from Lady Jane Lives might be memorized with such timelessness?

Foolish dreamin'? Maybe.

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  1. You will get there, my dear friend-- I am sure of it! Your story is too good not to be told. <3