Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Figuring it day at a time.

I know. It's been a while. And I've been REALLY inconsistent these past 7 months (at least). Well, I have a sweet distraction:
7 mos yesterday
And as of two weeks ago, I have been in survival mode...surviving a house of boxes, a transition to new schools, new commutes, new has been...exhausting. Right now, I am sitting in my living room, and have no box in my sight...bare walls, yes...but no boxes! YEAH (If you go into the basement or garage, that's a different story). There are a million things I wish I had done before the move, and a million things that need to be done.
Our first Sunday at "home"

We've had a smooth transition for the most far as emotions go. The boys loved their school from day one (Oct. 4th). We've had two days of my oldest fighting the tears when the differences are obvious between his two schools. His complaints:
  • "The worse dessert at my old school is better than the best dessert at my new school"
  • "They don't throw candy at pep rallies here, and their music is really loud"
  • "I knew all the Kinder thru 6th grade at my old school, now I only know the 4th graders (He's in 4th)."
Yes, they are not worthy of considering different schools...but to a nine year old, they are world-ending. It hurts my heart when his eyes well up and he longs for his old school. I remember those feelings so well, I was a military brat, and went through the same thing several times.
Of course, I can comfort him with words, but it will just take time. We've started a new tradition after his first breakdown...Dairy Queen on Mondays for an after school treat. And the DQ here stays open through the winter unlike the one we're used to!

And, the boys have really had some positive changes too...
  • My 1st grader has a regular friend he hangs out with
  • My 4th grader joined band! He is so proud of his trumpet...and partly chose that instrument so he could carry the cool black case (which he said "Do you think people will think I'm carrying an old fashioned suitcase?")
Celebrated his 5th birthday yesterday!
  • My preschooler, who said at least every hour "I don't want to move" for the first several days, is happy in his small town preschool.
And as for me and Daddy:
  • The small town we're in has an awesome community center with great youth programs and an indoor batting cage 
  • We have found a small church and met some neighbors there
  • Mama's found a mom's group...and has girl's night and playdate on the calendar!
Although I loved my old neighborhood and house, I can see life here in a happy light. My old friends will be visiting next month, which also helps!

One of these days I'll blog regularly again. :)