Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Horror of a World Without God

It is difficult to hear someone deny God when you believe He is your lifeline.  For an atheist to act like you are fooled into submitting to a pretend Daddy in the Sky--it's hurtful and offensive.

But when someone denies God, there is a horror that they imply...and it's something that twists my stomach when I think too long on it-- If there is no God in their mind, then there is no Devil.

Yet, I read the articles of little girls married off to sick men who mutilate them and use them for their pleasure. And I see the horror of abuse and manipulation and the un-Godly actions of men who seem to have lost their humanity long ago--or are a generation born without it.

If there is no evil, then how can we live another day with the torture of knowing that someone else's normal is a real life nightmare that will only end at death? And if there is no God, then that death brings no justice, no renewal...just dust at the feet of the men who have had their way and move on to the next child...breeding a generation of oppression. A generation that might find justice at the fingertips of a few who dare to try...but really, so many slip by without a breath of freedom.

If there is no God, then there is no Justice to be had for all. Maybe just a few. 

To live in a world where God does not exist, I think I'd go crazy.

Who would I plead to? How would I live with my heart's cry? I think if there really was no God, the horrors of the world would eat me up and cast me into a black pit of hopelessness.

Only with God, do I have hope for those I cannot reach and cannot help...only with God can I bring justice to the victims and fight the greater evil. For God leads me to the greatness of helping the weak, and if my hands and my feet cannot bring refuge to someone a world away, He gives me assurance that my prayer can.

Only with that prayer can I breathe without choking on my misery of knowing the evil that's out there.

Evil is often thought to be that white lie or that jealous look...but do we truly equate such trivial things with the dEvil...the one who uses innocent children, broken women, weak men, and horrific desires to evoke his wretched plan on God's holy creation? Do we underestimate that Evil...and shrug off those who deny his very existence? That denial might just be as offensive to the Holy Spirit as denying the Creator of the Universe.

I read articles of sickness in Africa, child brides in distant Iraq, and genocide across history. And I cannot live in this world if there is no God to bring ultimate justice. 

I cannot live with myself if I try to pretend the Enemy doesn't exist.

 How can we live in a godless world when innocent life is at inhumane men's mercy with no final justice in sight?

When I think too long on these evils, my very being whispers one thing only, 

May Christ come quickly!

Please go here to understand how we can fight the evils...and how, with God on our side, we are not powerless!  http://jenniferdukeslee.com/tellhisstory-a-story-that-we-dont-want-to-read-but-we-have-to/