Tuesday, February 12, 2019

While everyone sits on their “word for the year”, this is the word that keeps reeling in my mind:


Every frustration these days—every missed chore, unheard request, ignored family moment—has revolves around this word.

Well, this word in material form.

Any guesses what?

This 21st century family has allowed this distraction to derail doing anything efficiently or in excellence.
I am just as much of a culprit as the rest of them.

The phones have sucked us dry.

So, just like my Advent of Solitude, I am shutting down my screen and treating my phone as a phone during the week. My kids will do the same. They’ll huff and holler and throw hateful stares...but I don’t care anymore.

This mama is ready to take it.

Distraction is weighting down our memories-in-the-making, and life goes too quickly to allow the tension, frustration, laziness to taint this time.
I hope to check in on the weekends, but if you don’t see me around here and need to chat—I’ll be checking email and text.💛