Wednesday, October 14, 2015

When Your Kid Wants To Hide

This school year started out it's kinda fizzling. And it's only October.

Have you've seen the sweet video of the little girl telling her parents to stop fighting and to bring their emotions down? ( I'll put a link below.)

Sometimes I just want to tell my children, "Be steady, bring it down." just like the little girl. Crazy high emotions around here....But then I think, oh boy, we have a good fourteen years ahead, all the d-r-a-m- that comes with adolescence to adulthood is in our future as well as our present.

I really don't have anything profound to say today. I am tapped out of any practical, pro-active solutions. The little human beings running around my house have hearts out of whack, emotions flooding their little brains, and outsiders putting a big fat wrench in their plans (and mine) to be A-okay, happy, un-touched, thriving school kids.

Honestly, there isn't anything huge stunting their joy. But there are little things that are making it seem pretty big.

There's the mean kid who pushes his weight around by teasing...I mean...our name is sooooo easy to tease...but come on-- sometimes I wish I wasn't a conscientious parent and could give my boys some zinger-come-backs. Yeah, I could talk the talk when I needed too.

And then, there are kids who mock my son's abilities. The abilities he used to pride himself in--now, he's letting them get in his head. He's agreeing with them. "I suck," he says.

How did it come to this?

Didn't we teach our kids well?

Didn't we prepare them for the mean ol' world out there?

What can I even say to help him? Right now, he just wants to stay home from school. He wants to hide.

And while that sounds like a solution, that's just living in fear.

I have told him that I feel the same way sometimes when it comes to my writing. Like, I am not good enough each time I get a rejection. And believe me...after ten years of pursuing publication...I have had PLENTY of rejections. Seems like a pretty good analogy, right?

But he's a kid. And like I said, his heart is out of whack--it's reaching out for acceptance in all the wrong places. The only true place to find it is up.


Tell that to a bullied kid....I will have to look up FOR him, I guess.

This mama's heart is being tested to the max...and I just don't feel up to the challenge. Ever felt that way? Pray for me if you are a praying type. I can sooo relate to wanting to hide too!

{Click here for the video I mentioned above. }

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