Friday, August 30, 2019

A Culture of Onlys

A door is always slightly open when I sit across from my husband on a date night, talking politics, religion, life from the varying views of a Christian and a Skeptic. My greatest witness is sharing with him that Christ is still possible beyond the man-declared onlys —Only way to think, only way to be, and only way to act...on political issues, on church establishments, on how we should view and treat those around us...mostly those onlys that in the end, stray from the very example Christ set. The world typically sees many camp in the notion that as long as it is spoken in His name, it’s an okay only.

Pharisaical? Maybe. Human? Yes.

I have seen it happening more and more, and I feel more and more desperate to denounce such things for the sake of souls, for the sake of a Name that’s being crucified over and over because of false claims. 

If I am honest, I preached the trivial for so long, I demanded that I knew it all, enlightened and confident—and then I broke and realized such knowing was so, so very human of me. 

How could I have thought so small when my God is so big? 

I have yet to discover an argument that disproves God—but I have heard many arguments that turn people away from Him. 

I beg you arguers out there, consider your words, are they worth a soul? Do you share Christ, or an opinion of who you might want Him to be because He seems safe—for you? 

I ask myself: Do I argue points because it is easy to explain away, or because it is true? Am I so bold to risk the soul of just one because my certainty is so important? 

Like my pastor is known to say, I hope to be more curious than certain. May I allow the God of the Universe be the Heart-changer and the Way-maker—not because of  the explanations and accusations of man, but mostly despite them.

After all, His ways are not our ways...I pray that I always remember that when I think I know better. And I hope I continue to seek the Truth of Christ in the actual Gospel, not the one that crops from a culture of Onlys.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

A Mom’s Word about Anxiety

I hugged my kids this least 2 of them...(mom of teens here).
One whispered, “I am scared”, but then burst with a smile because it was a fleeting fear amidst the excitement.
Two kids were cool, ready for this day because they truly are “in their element” around their peers, in their classrooms, down the halls (see the kid on the curb, waiting for the bus, snapping his friends that he’s on his way?)
But, one of mine just needed a really long hug, a pep talk all the way from the stairs to the easy breezy mama encouragement while tears filled his eyes. He didn’t feel good, he admitted his fear, he kept saying over and over, “I can’t do this, Mom”....and I kept smiling saying, “Oh yes you can.”
This is life with anxiety, friends. While some kids go to school to get filled up with friendship, up the cool factor, savor the thrill of being known, some kids are stepping into territory that caves in, with pressure on, expecting uncertainty at every step.
I will just say it—
Mamas, daddies, teachers... speak the truth of kindness into your kiddos—remind them that not everyone is the same, and it’s ok to be kind to those who are different. Remind them that above all else, character counts, and popularity at another’s expense is not worth it. Can I say that again?
👉Popularity at another’s expense is not worth it.👈Remind them to speak truth in the face of rumors, to give grace to that kid who said something weird, to help those who just might not have the confidence to put themselves out there.
Today, I reminded my own kids to be the light, make friends with the kids who are new, and to be kind.
I can’t just send them off to fend for themselves...I want them to fend for others.
It’s the way to be. (I want them to be those people who were that for me—the military brat who went to 3 different elementaries and 3 different middle schools. I know the fear!)
I pray that most kids got the same mama bear advice this morning, the same pep-talk farewell this day, and are walking the halls with my kids, taking the kindness to heart, this first day of school. #mamalove #firstdayofschool #schooldays📚 #kindness #makingadifference

Monday, August 5, 2019

Let's Celebrate The Yellow Lantern!

I am so excited that friends are finding The Yellow Lantern on shelves in bookstores! 
If you have read my story, be sure to leave reviews on Amazon, B&N,, Target, ...wherever fiction is sold! 
Tonight, I plan to share the winner of the July giveaway, the contents of the August giveaway, and what to be on the look out for in August! This has been such a fun book release.

Hope to see you tonight at 8pm cst at Angie Dicken, Author page.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

TYL Summer Series: June Winner and What's Next

Faith Creech won the June Giveaway for our summer series! Be sure to stop by the hosting blog each week to enter our July Giveaway themed after Josie Clay's passion--healing the sick. She befriends the local apothecary and puts her knowledge to good use. 

In the comments, let me know your favorite flower or herb, and then enter the giveaway! 

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

TYL Summer Series Kick Off

This summer I am excited to participate in a pre-book release P-A-R-T-Y with some great bloggers! We'll explore the tidbits of history explored in my August release, The Yellow Lantern, and have GIVEAWAYS for those who participate! Be sure to join my FB event so you'll be up-to-date on when posts go live so you can comment and enter the giveaways. Here is the JUNE GIVEAWAY ( includes Cotton-scented fizzers, a mini-journal, drawer sachet and Starbucks gift enter...READ ON):

I'd like to kick off the summer series with a brief overview of how all these tidbits of history became a suspenseful tale set in 1824!
The themes for the summer series

Barbour’s True Colors Crime concept intrigued me from the very beginning. Being the daughter of a doctor and discovering the ties of grave robbing to the early medical profession, I was excited to dive deep
into 19th century Massachusetts. Graverobbing around Boston and New York was often employed by doctors desperate for medical advancementMen and women were both involved in the procuring of bodies for doctors. Finding these accounts led me to take took a look at the current medical remedies of the time—tinctures, elixirs, and herbal concoctions. My heroine was created in the tension of a desire to heal and the desperation of medical pursuits.

Amidst these medical ties to the historical moment of 1824, something was also shifting among women in rural areas of New England. Many women were employed by newly built cotton mills (Lowell Mill was my inspiration for the fictional Gloughton Mill in The Yellow Lantern). These working opportunities for women offered an escape from their home-bound lives and the rare chance for independence. Of course, with such industrial environments, injuries, and sometimes death, would occur. Noting the accounts of these kind of fatalities in historical articles, my research came full circle

I found three strong threads to weave into my grave-robbing story—doctors in need of research, a doctor’s assistant needing an escape from her village, and a millnot only offering that escape, but the chance at bodies for the desperate medical community.
My heroine, Josie Clay, found life in the tangle of these threads of mills, medicine, and grave robbing—all playing out within the pages of The Yellow Lantern.

For the rest of the month, we'll focus on Mill Life! Each month will have a special theme associated with Josie Clay's story! Stay tuned!

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