Sunday, October 11, 2015

Writing Mamas Unite! Mama Drama Monday

There's just nothing better than other mamas out there encouraging you in this season. And the ones who have been wired are certainly very special indeed.

I have been blessed with Mama-Writer friends. We have the same crazy passion to make up stories and make them count!

One gal who has made this reality, is my dear friend, Pepper Basham. She debuted this past May with an amazing book, The Thorn Bearer. Seriously, the message and the writing are just so brilliant. NOW, she is already promoting the second in the series, The Thorn Keeper. I have had the chance to read some of this story, to brainstorm with her, and to watch an amazing weaving of words and characters create a very purpose-filled message and beautiful romance.

Intrigued yet?

Well, this FRIDAY, Pepper is going to reveal the cover!!! I am soooo excited, because it's such a great cover (yes, I have had the chance to take a peek...privilege of a Mama-Writer friend).

Be sure to stop by on Fictitious Friday, comment, and then click on Pepper's website (below)!

Here's an official invite to Pepper's Cover Release Party. Don't worry, I will put a reminder up on Friday! It's a Double Giveaway as Mamas unite:
Fictitious Friday giveaway and at

Mama Drama Monday is about praising all those Mama Writers out there, and the drama it takes to make a dream come true!

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