Saturday, October 10, 2015

In Out: Verse Map Club

A group of verse-mappers (inspired by Kristy Cambron) has started the book of Romans.

Whew. That is a tough one.

I just attempted my first verse map/Bible journaling today, and, of course, it hit me right where I was at. I had just given the advice to a dear one to "look outward" not "inward" in a social environment...but God has used this so much deeper in His word. We can get stuck in our heads and literally have a back and forth confused mess of what is Him and what isn't, but when we look out to what He shows us is evident, and what what we can glean from those who walk in faith, the confusion lessens, the darkness leaves, and we bask in the glorious light of someone who follows Him.
I can't say much, but I can say, I have seen first hand what each of these scenarios look like. It's too close, too real, and just so true.

Lord, bring Your LIGHT.

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