Tuesday, October 27, 2015

If You Let Us: A Parent's Cry To Parent


It's been a hard year. School's not as safe as it used to be. You used to say, "School's not about being social, it's about grades." And now, the social monster has scared away the focus on anything real.

Your heart is on a battleground and other kids are poking and prodding and trying to see just how tough it is. They don't know what they are doing, but it feels like they are winning a fight you didn't sign up for.

Your dad and I know what it feels like. Even though you think we don't understand...

We do.

It's a heart attack that nobody is ever prepared for. It's a fact of broken humanity that always seems like a blow...even if we say it could happen, even if the counselors warn you against it.

This battle just pulls you off your feet and makes you feel like an ant about to be smushed.

Being on the defense hurts on a battleground that appeared to be neutral. Starting from scratch is no fun when you've grown so much.

But there's something that Dad and I can do. There's a way we CAN help.

If you let us.

We can provide for you a safe place. When you enter these walls, we can give you sanctuary. We are here for you. And we want to talk. There's only a few things we ask:

Can you be honest when we ask "How was your day?"

Will you take a deep breath before you give in to anger?

And will you at least try and consider our advice- honest, well-thought out advice- before taking that next step?

That's all.

We just want to close the gap in our communication. We want to have this partnership with you in growing up. It's kinda what we're meant to do...just like you are meant to get through school, maybe find a sport or hobby, and grow up.

We've gone through the same growing pains as you. And right now, we are freed up to share in yours. To share...not take them away from you. That's not our job...and it's not in our ability. There's Someone who knows best. And He's the Guy who put us here to share in them with you.

Bud, we feel your pain, and we hope to ease your heartache by being your advocate, your safe place. We can help you grow stronger and wiser.

If you let us.


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