Friday, August 28, 2015

Establishing Peace Among Us: Faith-Filled Friday

Anxiety is a common term around here. My son (in the picture) struggles with it day in and day out.
The little eight year old mind seems to wrestle with peace and discord.
All the time.
And it's something he showed signs of from the time he was very young. But still.
Guilt presses in on my mama heart as I consider the anxiety-ridden mess that was my marriage these past two years, and the thin shadow of stress that still follows us around. I know it will be there for quite some time in this wounded marriage, and we must find peace within the tension.
What seeps out from our relationship is surely absorbed by our children at some level.
On this Faith-Filled friday, I long for peace established among us...
Among the heart of my son who often loses hope in any peace as he cannot shut off his mind.
Among my house, where there are many treaded-upon eggshells.
Among my own heart, that I don't contribute to the mess, but channel the peace God so freely offers in His grace.

We are small compared to the entirety of God's people referenced in the verse above, but our family is in need of peace just the same. And I have hope, because I know God has performed works even here.

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