Monday, September 24, 2012

The Writers I Love at ACFW

My critique partner and new friend. Beautiful!!
I sit here and take a break from proposal writing. Yep, another ACFW conference has come and gone, and I am in the midst of "what if's" in the most wonderful, exciting way.
But as I look back on the past four days, I can't really credit this bubbling feeling to only well- appointed editor and agent interviews (although I profusely thanked Casey Miller for his hard work and prayer over those!) An overflow of joy fills me right now, one that reminds me of my greatest calling in life: To Be In Community.
And not just to be present and available. But to share my heart deeply, to open myself up and live life in a transparent way. If I treated my friends at ACFW like business partners (or competitors really), and kept myself reserved and ready to impress, I think I would have walked away seeking relief, not fighting remorse in leaving such wonderful things behind.
One of the most fabulous women I know!!
I found myself with a group of women (aka the Alley Cats, plus a few AMAZING friends), and truly fulfilled one of my goals for this have a much needed retreat from Mommyhood. And it was absolutely amazing. I've longed to feel accepted and understood to the point of no apology for my silliness (yes, I am overly obnoxious at times), or for my misuse of words (oh dear). I felt completely loved this weekend.
My dear friend, Pepper Basham, wrote a post about this very thing over at my other stomping ground, The Writer's Alley. It's so amazing to know that I wasn't the only one touched in such a spirit-moving way.
Who knows where this writing journey may lead. But one thing is for sure, God has used it to place me in the midst of some amazing women, who not only write fabulous stories, but write love and encouragement on the hearts of those around them.

The AWESOME Alley Cats, minus two. :(

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  1. aww, looks like it was an amazing time, girl! I'm sad I missed you this year, but maybe we'll connect at another conference down the road. I love how ACFW is like a family. You look amazing btw!