Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Un-fun

Summer crept up and bit me! I usually look forward to it, and have at least a week of bliss. But chaos has officially become a permanent family member. Having all four kids home all day has been quite a transition. The boys have the energy of an entire high school football team. They have given profound meaning to the term "Being pecked to death!" I send them outside when they get too crazy, and then I forfeit a decent energy bill because they come in and out every five minutes. No exaggerating!
My only idea to lessen the to get a big sun tea jug of water with three cups, and set it out on the patio each morning, so at least they don't have to come inside every time they want a drink. I will also load up on water guns, water shooters, and any other fun things to have outside in the heat. It is kind of nice not living in the desert, like we did before. Anyway, we'll see if life goes a little smoother. If I could buy listening ears, it would be excellent!

Do you have any suggestions on how to entertain your kids during the summer? (Something EASY, not complicated...I have a two month old too. :) )

I have to include the girl in my heading picture...that will come soon!

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  1. Pool pass?? Good luck!! :) Great to chat with you for a second the other day!