Monday, June 6, 2011

Mornings Alone

It is tough to get up in the morning, when you have four children demanding breakfast, entertainment, and attention. So today, I refused to let this summer get any more chaotic, and I got up early to my own breakfast, my own entertainment (quiet time, blogging, email, editing my book), and paid attention to nobody. The house was quiet, the kids were sleeping soundly.

AHHHHHH...I always say I am not a morning person, but I really am. And I am a night I guess God created me without the pressing desire to sleep. If there was one thing I could cut out of my daily would be sleep. :)

Happy Summer!


  1. I agree, Angie! One time my daughter asked me what super power I would want if I could have one and I said I'd want to be able to NOT sleep. Normally I enjoy sleeping but it would be so nice to have that extra alone time and feel less rushed and more productive. Guess I'll just have to find that balance another way :)

  2. This always amazes me when I hear you say this about sleep. I LOVE to sleep! Although, I am a morning person and I love to sit quietly and sip my coffee and have a little devotional time before the sun shakes the little lights of my life awake ;)