Friday, May 27, 2011

Renig on The School Thing!

There are few times in my marriage where my husband and I sit together and are on the same page without convincing one another, or compromising. One time was when both our hearts were led to have a fourth child, regardless if it was another boy or a baby girl. I remember that vividly.
Just last week, we sat together and I found out he was unsettled about our school decision for the boys, just like me. Everything I posted about it is truth, and I know that we must have faith that God will take care of our kids. But what about Him taking care of our finances?
The whole thing showed us where we were lacking as Christian parents, and it reminded us of our how important our roles are in their lives. But whether it was God or coincidence, our boys came home each day after we made the decision to go public next year, singing praise songs, critically thinking about God in everyday life, and quoting scripture! Maybe they have done this before our decision, but the influence of a God-centered education was banging us in the heads these past few weeks!
I still believe that our kids need to be in diverse environments, around believers and non-believers, and I certainly don't want them in a bubble. And that again, goes to us as parents, giving them the opportunities they need to learn from.
Certainly, their hearts will ultimately be changed by God, not school, church, or us...but for now, our boys are going to continue to go to private school, with Mama and Daddy keeping our commitment to teach at home, and praying that God will continue to provide financially.


  1. The homeschool versus private versus public school decision is one I've mulled over for many, many years. And I've come down to this decision: Parents' choice,covered in prayer, based on the needs of your child (or children). And the needs can be different for different children within the same family.
    I found that we evaluated the decision each year, and as our kiddos got older, we included them in the decision.
    Sounds like you made the right decision for your family.

  2. I agree with Beth - it sounds like you made the right decision for your family :)

  3. Yes, Beth! I agree...different for each family and each child. My oldest and I would never do well homeschooling...but my 6 year old would be an excellent homeschooler! We have prayerfully considered our options...for this next year! It is true that it needs to be evaluated each year. Thanks for stopping by!
    Thanks Cami and thanks for listening to me whine about it on Skype. :)