Monday, June 6, 2011

My Workload

Client: Mini-Parent: 
Trying his best to help, love that he holds the baby, gets her passy, takes the trash out... but sometimes I don't need a bossy boots around, getting his brothers all in a tizzy. :)

Client: Comedian: 
Mr. Silly, gets the silly bugs and can't shake them, actually one silly bug seems to multiply into a frenzy!

Client: Mover: 
Not as in the kind that productively move furniture from your house...the kind that can't sit still and seems to think everything is a jungle gym! Already working his way across the monkey bars and figuring out how to balance on the swimming pool aparatus.

Client: Socialite
Sweet babbles, shoulder lifts with each laugh, smiles at every look...and she has plenty of boys (see above) to practice those smiles on. ;)

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