Monday, May 23, 2011

Society's Mouth

Have you seen the NBA commercial sponsored by GLSEN? Basically, it is geared to stop people using the word “gay” when they are cutting someone down on the basketball court. I always cringe when I hear that word used that way, and this group is trying to end it as a slang term in our culture.
There is another ill-used word in our culture that offends a greater amount of people...but nobody is trying to end it, no network would probably allow a commercial to air that says, “Don't use this, because it offends people”...
The term is “Jesus Christ” as a curse word. It's all over Hollywood movies, in our every day work lives, and used carelessly in front of Christians who actually revere the name. It is an offensive term to millions of people in this world, so why don't we have a commercial to end it?
We see minority organizations like GLSEN taking a stance to end biases in our society, but those of us who believe in the God of the Universe allow our doctrine and Savior to be exploited and spat out in anger every day.
Some might say, well saying "you're so gay" promotes bullying...and I agree, there is no excuse for bullying...and I think that has a lot to do with GLSEN's motivation.
Yet, Christians face much adversity, many being killed for their belief all over the world. So there is no excuse for our lack of proactive attempts to end offensive terms in everyday language.
And then we have Harold Camping, who took that doctrine and diluted it in the eyes of the world, making it seem false and ridiculous...and THAT makes big time headlines.
Is it the media, not allowing positive Christian influences to appear on our networks, or is it Christians, not making the effort to end society's biases against us?

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