Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Birthday Tribute

Almost 6!
Sweet Baby
Our weekend ended with my almost (in 3 hours) six year old's birthday party. He had a blast and his brothers did too...I think every kid loves Chuck E. Cheese...if only they took lessons in microbiology... eww, gross!
I remember his birth like it was yesterday. I was two weeks from my due date, and showed up at the hospital with a nurse breathing down my neck to get an epidural or go nerves were already shot because I had a two year old at home with Dad, who was trying to find someone to come sit with him until my mom got on a last minute flight to was a crazy time! (One of the major disadvantages of living away from family)...anyway, after giving in and doing it the dr/nurse's way, my labor didn't progress (stayed at a 4 for about 2-3 hours)...I told the nurse "I would pull the epidural out and go home before I would have a c-section(a too common practice for that hospital)" and she just looked at me and said, "well, you should be progressing a cm/hour and your not" Thanks for the encouragement!
Baby Blue
The next hour was one of my most intimate times with God. I felt completely helpless and scared...a perfect time to turn to Him. I had the lights lowered, my husband (we found a great friend to come watch our two year old) left the room, and I closed my eyes and sang praise hymns in my head. I probably begged God to help me progress before, but then I just focused on His promises.
So wouldn't you know, when the hour was up, they checked me and I was a 9! Yeah, I relaxed but I also submitted myself and baby to the hands of our Great God!
My second baby boy was born at 12:25 am on Jan. 10th and has blessed us ever since!
Choo choo TWO!
And as I recall that sweet time, I remember my oldest's complete infatuation with his little brother. He would say, "I love him so much" and beg to hold him (he was only 2 1/2 so it always made me a little nervous.) Looking back on my last post, and now reflecting on this special time, I am reminded that my boys have a solid foundation in love. I worry about their friendship, but I know deep down they have a special bond, and for that I am thankful.


  1. Happy birthday to your little fellow.

  2. Oh, Angie, thanks for sharing that :) And Happy Birthday to your son! My youngest will be four in a few weeks and I'm so excited to celebrate.

  3. Angie, what a beautiful post! Made me choke up a bit...:) I love hearing birth stories, and I'm always awed by the miracle of life. Such a gift! Praise God for your little guy.

    They change so fast, don't they!? Let's enjoy each day with them.

    And thanks for your encouragement this morning. Your words blessed me.