Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Building the Foundation of a Light-Bearer

A perfect opportunity came up today in the car on the way to school (thanks to the local Christian radio station spurring thought in my 8 year old). He asked, "How do we know what Hell looks like?"
Yes, our daily rides to school are usually filled with pretty intense dialogue...no singing and talking on the phone for this mama!

He has been asking a lot of "How do we know" questions lately, mostly because kids say stuff at school with great authority, as if they are experts in all areas. And because he goes to a Christian school, the kids often spout off their opinions about God.
I am glad he has a teacher who is very level-headed and doesn't impose doctrine in her teaching...

I have come to realize how great it is that his classmates provoke thoughts about God, especially questionable ones-- it gives my husband and I open doors to mold his heart as the God of Truth calls us to do as parents, and my son also becomes equipped with the armor of critical thinking for the rest of his life.

I am becoming more aware that each conversation we have during this foundation building, is ordained for his future in a very important way.

Today I was able to tell him, that anything someone says about God, should be challenged by the Bible. I told him if he ever had any questions about someone's opinion, he could easily find the truth in the one place where Truth originated. Isn't it great to know THAT is true (if you don't believe it is true, please don't comment, I understand the opinions out there, and I'm posting this for my Christian mamas anyway! :) )?

We've also had discussions about politics... he has some classmates who are pretty opinionated about the administration too...yikes, Parents, watch what you say in front of your kids!
I love knowing that he comes to us with questions, and we are able to curb his forming opinions and give him the opportunity not to judge, nor enlist in ungodly viewpoints... He won't ignorantly walk into the world thinking everyone believes the same, and hopefully, we are doing a decent job giving him a non-judgmental approach to difference in opinion!

I pray that God continues to give my husband and I the discretion to avoid raising little politically driven, preachy kids, and focus on the truths in their little hearts, so that one day, they will be wise with their level-headed, Christ-centered opinions, and grow into the Light-bearers God calls them to be.

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