Thursday, September 23, 2010

School Rules

Today, we had our parent teacher conferences for my kindergartner and my third grader. We have been very pleased with the thoroughness and demand of good character that their school enforces. We have also been pleased with the boys good reports...they sure are good kids outside of our house...I remember my mom saying we were always great for our teachers, but little stinkers for her...wonder why that is?
Family in 2007, Oldest in Kindergarten
We also received their school pictures. I have an 8x10 frame for each of them, and have their preschool through whichever grade they are in. It was so sentimental to go through them, especially my oldest's. I can't believe what a baby he looked like just three years ago! Now he's getting that definite jaw bone, thicker neck, and adult features. He's a full grown baby left. But I am not as sad as I am proud.

First day of school 2010, 3rd and K
I am proud of the person he is becoming and the potential he has with a strong character and a sharp mind. We have focused so much on the activities we do outside of school, but was gladly reminded today of the importance of helping alongside their teachers, and creating not just strong bodies, but a heart and mind strong enough to love God, love people, and influence the world.


  1. These pictures are great! That is super that you had a good parent teacher conference and that your sons are doing so well! I hope you have a great night!

    Mama Hen