Friday, September 24, 2010

I am a rough draft!

I am humbled everyday. Praise God! I've known those who go through life thinking they are something else, and inevitably find themselves constantly disappointed and growing a chip the size of Texas on their perfectly shaped shoulders. Not that I haven't ever felt that way about myself, it's only human nature...but it seems that I get a swift kick in the rear when I allow my ego to take swift, I mean almost instantaneously!
Whether it be the loss of eloquence in front of a group of people, when I am suppose to be the speaker, or allowing my impatience to lead to a series of mistakes, I am forever reminded that I am that fallible, needy child of God, who can only find perfection when I look at Him. It really is a good thing- to be fallible. It means that I truly need Grace day by day. And the Grace of God is so amazing, I can't complain in the least that I am truly a rough draft!
It's easy to look around me at all the things I want, need, have, and consider myself deserving of a nice fat slap on the back. But when I stick the savior of the universe appropriately at the forefront of all, I realize those things are nothing and I am only something, through Him! Wow! What a relief! No wonder so many actors, actresses, artists, successful business men, are troubled until the end of their famous lives. It's so easy to get caught up in earthly success, and forget that your worth is not placed in those things-- maybe your demise is- if you miss the cross?


  1. Btw, your life verse is so encouraging and your boys are beautiful.

  2. What a good reminder, Angie! I like the analogy of us as a rough draft. Isn't that the truth! I was SO happy to meet you at the conference, and I hope we can meet up again next year. You will definitely have to come to the entire thing.