Friday, August 13, 2010

Spontaneity Shows Kindness is Alive and Well!

Our big family camping trip took us to Deluth, Minnesota and Lake Superior. We saw amazing landscape (sure evidence of God's masterful hand), and were tempted in more ways than just snapping photos!
We hiked down the St. Louis River, which was like watching rootbeer spill over the boulders, and found a secluded little pool to let the boys cool off among the wilderness. They were a little hesitant at first, because Daddy had previously mentioned the river having bear and moose pee in it when they asked if they could drink the “rootbeer”...but the hot sunshine didn't keep them out for long! Although they had to walk back to the campsite dripping wet, it was an absolute perfect spontaneous family memory!

The next day, we dressed a little less like campers, and made our way to downtown Deluth, and to the shore of Lake Superior. Oh my, it was an ocean! We took the boys to a city beach to “dip” their feet in the great lake. Um, yeah right! What were we thinking...

We should always keep swimsuits in the truck during our camping adventures!

They had an absolute blast, until I felt like my three year old was under the waves more than he was above them, which scared me to death!

We loaded up shirtless, shoeless, dripping wet boys in the truck, and just as we did, I thought, “hmm...hope we don't have to stop and get out anywhere.”
This is where Mama's instinct kicks in. ALWAYS listen to it!
Just as we missed our turn to the campsite, Daddy decided to do a quick u-ie, and backed up into a ditch...a very wet, muddy, thick ditch. The truck he's so proud of is unfortunately two wheel drive, so we were stuck, stuck, stuck! At first, I panicked because we were completely in the lane of traffic on a very curvy road! Talk about scared to death! But then, Daddy's attempt to get unstuck, forced the entire truck down into the ditch.
I must say, kudos to the great people of northern Minnesota! I couldn't believe how almost every car that passed, stopped to see if we were may have been because my three little shirtless, shoeless boys were huddled around me on the side of the road!
A wonderful man came with a truck and a chain, and pulled us out within minutes of the incident. Thank goodness for kind, selfless people...and next time you think there is any possibility of random swimming in your next trip, be sure to pack some extra clothes just in case!

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