Friday, August 13, 2010

Gooseberry Falls and More!

Just some more pictures from our fabulous all American vacation along Lake Superior! I traveled all over Europe before I had kids and I am pleasantly surprised to find America has so many beautiful vacations for a family to enjoy! And many of them are just a drive away!
Gooseberry Falls
The boys were just as entranced by the large
cave! I would be too at there age! Secret hideout!

This is what our hike through Gooseberry Falls State Park took us...
to a cove and Lake Superior! Beautiful!
My husband basked in the sun, and the 72 degrees breeze
It was the closest thing we've been to HeAvEn!

The boys were interested in the little creatures (they called them tadpoles...but not really) in the water. Unfortunately, my 5 year old came too close to comfort and had a leech firmly attached to his toe! He screamed bloody murder and flailed about on the beach until Daddy pulled it off!

Another park further North along Lake Superior, brought us to these magnificent falls!

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  1. This looks like such a great vacation! Beautiful place and great pcitures! I am happy you had such a super time!

    Mama Hen