Friday, August 6, 2010

Double Rainbow

Don't know if you've seen the youtube video of the guy completely taken back by the double rainbow in Yosemite, but it's buzzing around like crazy. A radio station has even made a song for it. My husband has a sense of humor I sometimes don't get, but he thinks it's absolutely hilarious! 
About 9 million people have viewed this video, and when the man who took it was interviewed, the question inevitably came up, "were you smoking something?" (unfortunately he said he was) and now he's the joke of the internet world.
I can't help but think it's too bad. It's too bad that someone was so entranced with God's creation but nobody's giving attention to God on this one. It's all about a guy's reaction, not about the creator who made it happen.
How many times do I react in a way, that people only see me and not the God I'm supposedly head over heels in love with? Ugh. I write this, and wonder how much I'm going to take this to heart. But it's true, and if anything I have learned these past months, it's that my reactions aren't as easy to control as I once thought. I am human as can be.
Tonight, we had a double rainbow here in our part of the midwest. It was awesome. I failed to react in praise and just said, "that's nice." Hopefully next time, I'll think before I react!


  1. Great blog, Angie! My husband thought the video was HILARIOUS too. I just sat there, staring at him. Did you see the other rap about that poor guy from Huntsville? "Hide your wives, hide your kids..." that one? Don't let your husband find it... he'll think it's even funnier than the rainbow one. At least, Matt did.

  2. Popping in from mamas little nestwork. What a great post and you're absolutely right, why isn't God getting the credit here? While I'm with your husband in thinking the guy's reaction is hilarious...I found myself also entranced by the beauty of the double rainbow.

  3. This is a great post Supamom! There are so many things to notice that we pass by. You are right about it being God's creation and praises should be going out to the right place. But it is a lesson for us to recognize this and to try harder to actually see what gifts are in front of us and to give thanks. Have a great night my friend!

    Mama Hen