Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School Is A Wonderful Thing!

The summer's ambition for crafts...kind of fizzled out with restless boys!
It's funny how the things you cry over at first, become such a wonderful decision for all involved! As a stay-at-home mom, I have found parenting now-a-days is full of choices and "life-determining" decisions. My mom always tells me they didn't think about so many things, or at least worry so much about things the way I do, when she was raising kids...that basically, you parented how you felt fit, and nobody put you on a guilt trip or told you there is a choice out there that will be detrimental to your child's development and well-being.
There are so many areas I could touch on, but I am going to point to something that is on everyone's mind this time of year: SCHOOL!

Education of my children has always been a big deal with me. Preschool?PDO? Homeschool? Full day kindergarten, half-day?Public?Private?
Now that I have sent my 2nd child off to kindergarten (private, full-time) after trying a mix of some of the above mentioned with my guinea pig 1st child, I would like to say that I am fully content with my decision and realize that having my 3 year old home with me this past week by himself,(his part-time preschool doesn't start until next week) affirms my opinion that:
my children THRIVE in school, with kids and grown ups that aren't mommy and daddy!
He's so ready for some structure!
They get so much by going away from the house for a few hours a day, and I have so much more appreciation for them while they are home!
At first, I thought of it as 'selfish mommy'- wanting time to herself... but my 3 year old proved the two-way street of it all- it's as much for him as it is for me. These few days without his brothers, he asks if we are picking them up every time we get in the car, and eagerly waits for them to come home and play with him. Yes, we have one on one time together, but it usually ends up with me being a human jungle gym and him getting restless and silly. He is SOOO ready for a break from ME! :)
School is a wonderful thing!


  1. yay! Glad it is going well. I hope I didn't come across like my way was the only right way in my blog. Not my intention at all:) I support all my mommy friends decisions!

  2. I hadn't read your post yet! I think you will be great at it! I am totally talking about what's best for my kids...some people are so black and white about these kinds of decisions, but each family is unique and different. I can see you being a great homeschooling mom!

  3. Thanks! I was hoping I didn't give off the "my way or the highway" attitude. I am just super-sensitive because I put my foot in my mouth all the time(unintentionally of course)! It does depend on the family.

  4. I think you are so right about how much we as moms now-a-days have to think about. And then when we finally do make a decision we have to face the judge and jury out there that has a different opinion on what is right. I am glad that school was a good decision for you and your boys. I agree that sometimes both the kids and the moms need breaks from one another. We are all human and sometimes we just want to get away and do something different LOL. I hope you are having a great week!