Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fabulous Fall

I forgot how much I love Fall. Maybe it's because I have lived the past several years in a place which went from hot to less hot to coldish and back to hot again. But being in a place with exactly four seasons, has given me so much appreciation for the weather (uh, or disdain when it gets to 20 below)! It's August, and yesterday my husband and I had a date at the nearby park wearing light jackets...In AUGUST! I love it!

Another thing I love with the change from Summer to Fall, is the new schedule. It's always nice to start over and have the motivation to kick the year off with a bang. This time of year is always exciting and busy because I coordinate a MOPS group. So many fresh ideas and new faces put such a fire inside of me to seek out all those mothers of preschoolers and do my best to give them what they need most... ENCOURAGEMENT! And the best part is, each Steering Team I've been a part of, have been absolutely AMAZING, salt-of-the-earth women! I could never take the credit for success because God has always joined me with awesome co-servers!

Fall promises alot, and I know with the right attitude and the constant turning to God in gratitude, I can expect fulfilled promises and even fulfill some on my own!


  1. I really enjoyed your post and looking over your blog. I just added myself on your follower list. I first looked at your blog because Mama Hen said to meet your neighbor. I posted a comment about your blog on the Nest. I also added you to my Blog Honor Roll. Please check it out.
    One of the purposes of my blog is to encourage young mothers. I hope it encourages you. If it does, I hope you will join my follower list and add me to your blogroll. See you at the nest!

  2. Fall is absolutely my favorite season! I look forward to spending it here. Fall always brings the right amount of change needed to bring balance back to my life. I love new schedules, the breeze and laughter by the firepit. What a blessing to have good friends to share it all with this year.