Saturday, August 21, 2010

Keeping My Opinions to Myself...UGH!

Lately, I have been getting sucked into the news and political debates. A few years ago, I walked away from all of this, carefully guarding my eyes to elaborations of headlines and hot issues. This wasn't because I think "ignorance is bliss" this was because of the effect it had on my attitude and happiness.
I am a fixer. When anyone I know has a problem, I will be the first to help brainstorm solutions...this doesn't change with the President of the United States, the parents' of a pushy school district, or any other person who makes the 6 o'clock news! I guess you can say I'm uber-opinionated- sensitive is probably more like it.
Also, if I feel threatened by an issue, like it's going to affect not only my way of life, but the FUTURE of my children, it will eat at me and bring me down quicker than anything.
So, with all that being said, I have been struggling with going back to my "don't say it, pray it" policy- which was knowing the issues were out there, but not committing myself to details, and just relying on God to work.
IT'S SO HARD! But really, I can't change the minds of others...and like my husband asked, If Jesus were on Facebook, would He debate the issues? (Facebook has been my breeding ground for getting sucked into the issues.  I love being in touch with friends from all over, but sometimes it's too easy to debate when you are never face to face with the person! Funny how the virtual world allows for certain faux pas to be just fine. Would I ever debate the touchy subject of Politics with someone face to face- who I hadn't seen in years, and don't really know at all? I don't think so!).
 Life has too many joys and blessings to dampen it with a fear of what's to come...I need to tell myself that...over and over.
I wonder if the issues affect anyone else like it does me? Unfortunately, most of the people I disagree with, don't have children yet, so it makes it all the more difficult to listen and not say anything-- because to this mama of three future inheritors of this land, the stakes are pretty high!


  1. I say don't quit speaking your mind. If we were all silent, think what this world would really be like. I keep this quote in mind...

    Silence gives consent.
    -- Canon Law

    I know how you feel. Being a conservatitive Christian, I often feel like I'm being pushy when I voice my thoughts. Just remember, Jesus may not have debated on Facebook, but he did stand up for what is right and wasn't afraid of what consequences that brought upon Him.

    I's also nice to hear that there are other moms out there that think and believe the way I do. Your elequoence has given me the courage to speak my mind.

    Hang in there!

  2. You and I are in the same boat. Sometimes things get really heated on Facebook. Other times I keep it light and airy. I do have a political blog where I post all my concerns. You are certainly not alone.

  3. I think that we all can get really worked up and stressful with all that goes on out there. You made a good point in saying that there are too many blessings to allow the other stuff to dampen it. You also said to pray. Life has a lot of things that can leave us bothered. I am the type of person who likes to help the world and try to make a positive difference. I also hang on to things a long time and it can be draining. It is important to recognize the important things in our lives and try not to get too stressed over the things we can't change. I hope you are doing great my friend!

    Mama Hen

  4. I try to stay out of these kind of topics for the very same reason! I am also extremely opinionated and sensitive too. I want to "fix" the world all the time LOL. So I try to put my faith in God also and do my part in the small ways. I am anew follower, found you through the nestwork. I hope you have a great week.

  5. I just want to say (not to start a ruckus), but I don't think people's opinions and beliefs should be valued less because you don't have children. People without children still care about issues and the fate of the universe as much as anyone else. I'm fairly certain I am a much stronger environmental and social justice advocate than lots of people with and without children. I also put my money (literally and figuratively) where my mouth is.

    Also congrats on the baby! Now I'm off to teach some youngins about environmental issues!