Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Word of Gratitude

The cool breeze of fall knocked the hot and sticky right out of the air this morning! So refreshing! I wore pants and a 3/4 length shirt to church. I think I could live in this kind of weather always! It's funny how the change of weather also prompted a change of heart. And it's not surprising that God so blatantly knocked me into shape this morning.
Lately, I have been very ungracious and negative about things in my life. Once I heard the music going at church, and started singing, I could tell there would be a certain word for me coming soon. I sat down without even knowing what the sermon would be about, but once it was introduced, I laughed inside...GRATITUDE! How appropriate! Thanks God on that one! I needed to hear it desperately! I hope to begin the transformation of Gratitude not being a feeling, but a quality of spirit...something I am abundantly overflowing with, regardless of circumstance, other people's opinions, or my emotions. It's good to hear that I have the power through Christ to push away the stuff that gets in the way, and embrace a spirit of Gratitude to change my life and those around me!
 I already found out it is going to be difficult for me to look past the junk...just this afternoon my husband reminded me to be grateful...and I shamefully rolled my eyes. But hey, I can only go up from here, and typing this out for all to see will hold me accountable all the more!
I hope you have a blessed Sunday and can see God's blessings all around!


  1. God loves us and has His way to reach us at the right time... the right place... i too have been grateful for the breeze...:)


  2. Glad to hear that you had such a good Sunday. Hope your week continues on the same path. Thanks for your comment about the rudeness in grocery stores towards the kiddo's. I appreciate your 'commiseration'.

    Happy week!