Friday, August 27, 2010

Unsolicited Parenting from my 8 year old

Lately, my 8 year old...the little lawyer, has taken it upon himself to pipe in and try and explain things or sway my younger two kids to do what is right, when I am in the midst of explaining myself. I know he does it to help out, but it's just extra tension in our disciplining moments! He so has my persuasiveness and moderator qualities! It is funny really, but most of the time it's quite annoying. I have been stopping it by saying, "Who's the mom?" and usually he'll back off...usually.
Well, today he interrupted me again, trying to explain to my 5 year old why he needed to share with the neighbor boy, since we have the game they were playing at our house all the time...ANYWAY, I looked at him and said, "Who's the mom?
He flashed a smile and began to walk out of the room. But then he turned to me and said,
"Let me just tell you what to say then." HA!


  1. What a little cutie! Very smart! Your neaighbor in the Nest is below you in the Inspiring Blog category. That is your category. Go visit them and tell the Nest why they are really great! Thank you for your comment the other day. I appreciate it! have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  2. Hey there! That is so weird that you can't see the categories! I have not heard that from anyone. That actually is where all the Nestwork members are. There are almost 300. Your neighbor is Discovering the Me in Mommy. Here is the link
    Can you try looking from a different computer if you are at the library or out? Have a great night my friend!

    Mama Hen