Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Love Remembered

Today my sister called and told me her dear friend lost her baby just 32 hours after birth. 
Life is so precious.
 If anything came out of my miscarriage in May, it was a softening of my heart and a vulnerability that I had always forced myself to push aside out of insecurity. I was talking to my sister on my phone in the middle of the grocery store and couldn't speak. My tears were overwhelming me and it was for a person I have never even met. A breaking of the shell I had hammered to my heart over these past years cracked loud and clear in my mind today. 
My love for my living children swelled and I was reminded how abundantly blessed I am. And I was reconnected to my child in heaven, remembering how much of my love now resides above me. 


  1. Oh my goodness! My heart is going out to that poor woman! My dear friend had something similar happen and she has been in turmoil. I feel for you, for your sister's friend and for my dear frined. Life is such a gift! As much as I cry and wish to have more children so Little Chick won't be alone in life, I know she was my gift from God. I am so thankful! My prayers and thoughts go out to her. Supamom, if you would like to join in Thanksgiving Thursday let me know. I will add you in tonight! Be well and hug your beautiful little ones.

  2. Good Morning Mama Hen. I will participate in Thanksgiving Thursday! Thanks for the comment. I think Little Chick has a great mama and even if she doesn't have anymore siblings, she'll never feel lonely. :) I'll keep praying for you!