Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Out of My Head

Sometimes I just need to get out of my head. I can ponder things during my daily routine of chores and just let it deteriorate my mood until I am a bitter mess. Maybe this is a condition based on our lifestyle, because most of the things that get me down are from catching a newscast or seeing a controversial post on facebook. I used to watch the news all the time, but because of my "condition" I have to be very careful and scan headlines briefly to see if there is something I really need to know. I can get so worked up over things that it really messes with my attitude.
So, how do I resist the impending funk? Besides praying and keeping my heart in check with God,  I resort to t.v. or music. And as far as t.v. goes, I have memorized the channels I like, so I don't have to channel surf and get tempted by a news channel! I know, pathetic. But sometimes I need to resort to escapism and numb myself to my own opinions.
 My fave shows to watch are: Most anything on Food Network, Golden Girls (they actually get political, but since it was in the eighties, doesn't bother me so much), Cosby Show, Roseanne (funny how I thought this show was evil as a child, but it's actually quite normal now!), Cheers-- lots of oldies but goodies! And I love the new show, Hot In Cleveland! I also have a fine collection of Romantic Comedies!
 If I don't  "step away" from my thoughts occasionally, I feel the desire to scream my opinions from the rooftops, not that anyone would care about what I think, but there is something in the pit of me that needs to set things straight and fix the world! I should have been a lobbyist!

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