Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's all about Who?

Tonight we took the boys bowling. It was rainy and the fireworks postponement was cancelled, so we opted to have some family time at the alley. All I can say is, hmph. My husband and I were disappointed in the whining, discontentment, and whining (did I say that?). You'd think they would be thrilled to go on such an outing, but the boys quickly found reasons to "want more".

In today's society, where we have such an instant gratification pull, and we go by the mantra "I want better",  we have to carefully decide if we want to instill this cultural concept in our children, or go against the grain towards a selfless mindset. My husband and I have always told the kids that "I Am Third" is an important rule in our house. God, Others, then Me. But lately, the boys have been all about "ME". I know they are still young and this is just part of human fleshiness, but it's something that I can see growing like wildfire if we don't tame it constantly throughout this learning time of their lives. So I write this to remember my mission: to SHAPE my boys into Godly Men. And Godly is perfectly equivalent to Selflessness in my book. Afterall, He gave everything for us. Maybe tomorrow we will celebrate Easter again! :)

I am so inspired by my bloggy friend, Mama Hen. She always takes the time to encourage me with her comments, and her blog is so well done. She has given me a blog award, A Blog With Substance Award!
What a great compliment! I am to sum up my blogging philosophy in five words:
 Honesty, Reality, Heart, Faith, Grace. 
I pass this award on to: Mindy's Musings.  

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  1. Hey Supamom! You deserve the award! I like the being "third" idea and the thought behind it. Thank you for the nice words here! I really appreciate it! I am having some Blogger issues right now and I am so happy you were able to comment. I posted last night and no one has been able to comment. Ugh! I was so happy to see yours! :) I hoep it is fixed now! Have a great day!

    Mama Hen