Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mommy thoughts

I am so thankful that I am able to choose to stay home with my boys. Sometimes it's hard for me to stop thinking, "the grass is greener" when I see a working mom who really values her time with the kids when she gets home from work. And it's so easy to think that I could be such a better mom if only...fill-in-the-blank...
I despise the battle between the stay-at-home mom and the working mom, but I see how easy it is to get defensive, insecure, and sometimes ugly. Women have a tendency to compare and critique, and it's such a shame since all of us, sahms and working mothers just want what's best for their family, children, sanity! Because of this less-desirable quality of my gender, it's difficult for me to not justify myself to others when I say that I stay-at-home, especially after having worked only two years in my field after a long 5 year degree plan. 
But none-the-less, I see the pro's, for me, to stay home, outweigh the cons, for me, to go to work- outside the house (I definitely work at home!).
Even though I am not practicing Landscape Architecture (my degree which I plan to do absolutely nothing with), I am able to use that creative training with my kids. Yesterday was Craft-A-Tuesday at our house, so we redecorated the "hideout" (closet under the basement stairs). The boys have always been intrigued with spys and clubs, and after watching the movie, "Little Rascals", they wanted a clubhouse badly! We could have painted the walls, but since it was a last minute decision, we used butcher paper and markers! So fun, and it will keep them entertained for at least a couple days!

Since it's Thanksgiving Thursday, I will also share some more great things I am thankful for:

1. Staying home with my kids (sorry to be redundant)
2. My husband's hard work providing the opportunity for me to stay home!
3.The comfortable home we are able to own
4. My many friends God has blessed me with
5. My stronger friendship with my sisters than what it used to be!


  1. These are great Supamom! It is really a special thing that we are able to be home with our children. I am so thankful for that! That is super that you are closer with your sisters. Family is so important! I will add your link now! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  2. Glad to see that the boys have a new 'hidey hole' :) I too am glad that we can afford me to choose to be a's proving to be a different kind of challenge from my full-time working days. At least if I did Landscape Arch, my garden may look a little better :) As an L&D nurse, I thank God that I'm not having to use that skill with my kids!LOL! But the Mommy nurse likes to give bandaids to boo-boos and kisses to ouchies :) A very good list Ang!