Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Future Over Coffee

Yesterday, a fairly new friend and I sat at my kitchen table, drinking coffee  and doing what we're best at- gabbing. Her son was entertaining my kids and we were able to touch on some pretty interesting topics. As our conversation got to more controversial ground, I could tell that we weren't in agreement on some of the issues. That's okay.
At one point, I said, half- joking "If all the moms in the world were able to have a voice for our future, we'd fix a lot of global problems!" But part of me abstractly finds truth in that.
Parents in general, have a greater need than making their point or following an ideal, they have children that will one day inherit this Earth, this Government, this Lifestyle. Regardless of the differing political parties, I hope and pray that my children will inherit a sustainable Earth, a free Government, an upstanding Lifestyle.
 It's easy to have images from the books 1984 or A Brave New World haunt me when I think about the future. Sometimes I feel hopelessly out of control. But something that dawned on me just this morning, is that as a parent, I have an edge into helping better the future- I can raise awesome kids to become amazing adults and leaders!


  1. you certainly can! I hope to too! I often think that maybe that is why the age of a new bride has increased over the last 10 years -perhaps it's because the kids of a divorced family are realizing that they need to sure its the 'real' thing before diving into eternal matrimony. It could also explain why more people are not marrying all together though too.

  2. Hey just stumbled upon your blog and look forward to following/getting to know you. I too fear for the world our children are going to inherit, but you are right in that we can raise a generation of awesome kids!

  3. Right on Supamom! We have the power to teach our children to be kind and loving and strong and caring and compassionate and the leaders of tomorrow. You are a great mom and are already doing a great part in forming a better tomorrow.

    Mama Hen