Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WHAT-A- Wednesday

As some of you write about the angels that your children are, I am going to write about quite the contrary. Today, my three year old insisted on oatmeal for breakfast, and when he refused to try it, he went back to watching his morning cartoon. He came up to me after a while, grumpy as can be, and gruffly stated, "I am hungry." I replied nicely, "Okay, go pick out a cereal you'd like." Anything wrong with that? I didn't even force him to at least try the oatmeal. Instead of saying, "Thank you, mommy. I will," the little stinker (his aka, as you can see from a previous post, What A Stinker) crossed his arms, stomped past me, and said, "Okay, bad girl."
And although I had to be firm and correct him on his disrespectfulness, I was laughing inside. What a Wednesday, and it's not even 9am!

By the way, we don't use this phrase "bad..boy..." except when the dog is naughty! :)


  1. Somedays I wish that I had a mouth on the back of my head (you know where your extra eyes are) so that in those times when you just can't help but laugh/smile but you need to remain firm, your back mouth can do it! A little bit weird, but I also wish that we could grow a third arm during pregnancy that would help out with all the extra stuff you have to do after having a baby -- it could just wither up and fall off after um...3 years...assuming you didn't get pregnant again! Just the random thoughts in my brain :)

  2. What a morning Supamom! My daughter picked up saying bad from being in preschool. I never liked that and I don't use it in my house, so I always remind her that we don't say bad and I give her a nicer way of saying whatever it is she is trying to get across. That picture you picked is cute and perfect for the post! I hope tomorrow morning is better! :)

    Mama Hen