Thursday, June 3, 2010

I want a pot belly...oh weight, it's there!

"I want a pot."
I wish I were friends with the cute little french girl on Pulp Fiction. I would gladly give her my pot belly. Actually, I wouldn't mind it so much if this culture wasn't so OBSESSED with weight! Yeah, there are some major obesity issues out there, but it stinks that it trickles down into child-bearing aged women who aren't overweight but aren't Jennifer Aniston skinny either. I sat at the dr's office today and flipped through magazines geared towards women. SO SICK OF SEEING how to LOSE WEIGHT! Almost every article in the Health magazine was about that. And then, I decided to grab a Newsweek instead, and one of the big articles was about obesity. GEEZ!
Honestly, I would be A-okay with turning back time to the days when a spare tire was voluptuous, none of the fashion back then would show it anyway...but I guess I like electricity and running strike that one...maybe we could adopt that mindset though? Wouldn't it be great if the fashionistas would create clothes that didn't push up all the fat but had waistbands that weren't so friggin' unforgiving? I can't wear sweat pants all the time, especially in this heat! Thank God for tankinis and baggy shirts! Do I hear an amen?