Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Playing with Angels

"I hope I can see you not just in dreams..." December, Norah Jones
Heaven has been a hot topic in our family lately. Not a day goes by where one of the boys doesn't mention the baby in heaven, or ask questions about what Jesus looks like or other questions that even grown ups ask. Today we talked about the baby playing with the angels. It was a sweet conversation. My 7 year old said, " I think the baby is playing with Paul!" He meant the apostle...must give credit to his school for that one!
Then my 5 year old said, "When I am there, I want to play with Jesus." 
And then I told him, that I hope that he will be very, very old when he is there, so he won't want to play, just sit and talk. Oh my, the conversations we have!

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