Friday, April 9, 2010

The Odd Inspiration of a pretend novelist.

I must admit, the Facebook fast did set me straight...but WOW! it is easy to get sucked right back into it, especially because I thrive on constant communication (can we say I'm a product of my environment??) Anyway, if anyone sees me on it too much, feel free to i.m. me, "Angie, get a life!" Ha!

We are on our first camping trip of 2010, and have already made some great memories. For Cody's birthday, he received a photo book of our first year of camping, and I can already tell that this year's book will be double in size. Something that I would have never expected from sitting on a camper, breathing in smokey fire, scratching mosquito bites (first of the year), and listening to Cody and my five year old chatting like best friends well after the other two are asleep, is the sudden inspiration to write! Now, really, I guess I have associated writing with camping since I worked on both of my novels last camping season, mostly within the walls of this camper- so that's the probable explanation. But the past couple of weeks, I really put the whole writing thing on hold since my dreamy head was knocked into reality after being offered a couple of co-publishing contracts (wanting a CHUNK of moola) and several rejection letters from literary agents and a writing contest. None-the-less, this relaxing place where the boys cling to Daddy's outdoorsy side, leaves Mommy some time to herself, and I can't STAND not having something to writing is it!
I think I am going to start my rewrite of my second novel, a historical fiction that takes place in my grandmother's village in Greece. I wrote it in a whirlwind, so I will have plenty of writing to keep me busy ALL camping season! Maybe one day, I will fill one of my top tens (getting published) but right now I am fine just plugging away for my imagination's sake- and pretend I am a novelist. :)

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