Monday, April 12, 2010

Garden Entry #1- Training My Green Thumb

My thumb is more of a very light green, not completely there yet, but I am bound and determined to cultivate that landscape side of me which I spent 5 years of my hard working college years focusing on! Although we didn't take any classes on "gardening", my first attempt last year sparked a desire to perfect my plot of vegetables this year. Maybe because of my love for design, I have researched the best layout for my garden, and am excited to start! I am going to try a native american technique, called "companion planting" where you group plants that are beneficial to each other (like one is nitrogen bearing, and the other likes nitrogen rich soil...) Look here if you want to learn more about this technique:
I guess it's more of a science than an art, but having rhyme and reason suits me to a "t"! I will post pictures of my efforts after this weekend, which is when I plan to start. Right now, I am in the designing phase, and just like in Landscape Architecture, it's only about 10% of the work! ;)
Update: Below is my design...all you green thumbs out there, feel free to give me advice!!!

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