Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The harmony of same gender siblings...NOT!

I took a workshop a month ago on sibling rivalry. Coincidently, the speaker had three boys (grown now), and spoke from her own experience which resonated with my life right now. She pointed out that the toughest situation for this topic was same gender siblings, two years or less apart. Hmmm...all three of mine qualify! Today I wish she was here to coach me in my crazy, tear-filled tantrum house... I don't even have girls (who I am told are emotional...uh, so are boys!) What to do when the oldest has a friend over and his younger brother is just as excited to play with the friend, and is capable of keeping up intellectually? I remember growing up with my sisters and we played with friends TOGETHER...granted we each had an age appropriate friend in the group, but still!!
I will confess that I compromised a family rule, and coaxed the younger two boys away from the older kids with the Wii (something they are only allowed to play on the weekends). So we have peace, but there is no resolve to the situation, just a big fat band-aid. Part of me wants to give my oldest the chance to play with his friends alone, but after school is when his brothers look forward to playing with him. But then I think, tough luck, life's not fair, boys... get over it. This grumpy mama would rather not have anyone come over if it's going to cause the drama it caused today!

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