Monday, April 25, 2016

The Box of Works: Mama Drama Monday

We are a society based on works. We construct this box around us made up of a measure of success, a heap of entitlement, and a dash of prejudice to declare what life should be...While God loves from the outside, waiting. 

Many Christians and non-Christians hold to this construct as the WAY to live. And I, unfortunately, have wormed my way inside the box more than once.

Those whom we hold in highest regard have contributed the most to society. Even in church on Sunday we hear the preacher from the pulpit mention Prince, play a song, quote him. All about the works of a man--great works, no doubt--but a man who we didn't even know, yet we revere him just the same.

Sitting in youth baseball tournaments, I hear fathers yell at their kids from the stands, I see kids cry because of mistakes, I let the ump know that he's wrong in a passive aggressive, "Looked good to me!" call out...eek, did I say that out loud... We are raising our kids on the ballfields of works works works and beyond a simple leisurely pastime. Competition is fierce and we are training our kids up to get their worth in their works.

Last night, my son sat with me, broken with the disappointment of barely passing a class. He had missing work and hadn't worked hard enough to understand the material. He cried out, "What if I fail at life? What if I can't get into college?" What if my "work" isn't good enough? 

You know, I am about sick of work being the measurement of everything. 

On social media, I see people judging others based on their performance, deeds, ideas, lifestyles, all in the name of Christ. 

The thing that scares me the most is that I see a world constantly turn against the church. Yes, it's happened throughout history, but in such a period of enlightenment, understanding of Scripture, and opportunity to think outside the box, there are many reasons that seem valid to hate us. 

All we do as Christ's representative is point fingers, demand works, and spread fear among us. Does that even sound like Christ?

Does anyone recall Christ calling out the works of the people, or just asking them to drop the work and follow Him?

The one comfort I find, and I shared with my son last night, is that God's economy isn't about works--heck, it isn't even about WHO we believe we are--it's about LOVING Him with all ourselves, and LOVING others (.)

It's not about US! It's not about THEM! It's about HIM, and our works are dead if we don't grasp that first and foremost.

We are devaluing God's creation if we base our worth on our works. We are trying to be God by casting off love for preaching judgement on our neighbors. 

We are raising a generation based on performance and striving, who can't see the truth of character and love of God being nothing more than a pat on the back at failure time, instead of the foundation of success from the very beginning--through the wins, through the losses, through the interactions with people different than us.

On this Mama Drama Monday, I just pray for a shift in the Church. Authenticity to replace the high demands of a work-based society. The love of people instead of the love of success. The love of people instead of the love of a sports team, a lifestyle, political parties--ooh, I better stop. I want my children to cast off the weight of works and put on the cloak of character. To find their worth in something so much better than a win, a grade, or a false prejudice attributed to a way-bigger God than many preach from their news feeds.

Happy Mama Drama Monday. May we all walk this week outside the box but inside God's love and grace!

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  1. Love this, Ang! I need this prayer for me, for my family, and for my church...