Monday, April 18, 2016

A Backstage Observer: Aspiring Author/Reader

This is how I feel most days when I pick up a book: sitting backstage longing to be the one upon it.

I don't feel like the audience, like I used to before I took up my pen.

I feel like a stage hand, wanting to be on stage but having to take a seat behind the curtains. I've felt that way before...when I was Props head on the stage of Our Town. It was excruciating at times. Trying to embrace my second best job. I so wanted to be the one in the spotlight.
But something is different now.

Back then, I didn't spot all the flaws of the acting. Actually, I aspired to it. Now, with a book in my hand, all I can see are the flaws glaring at me...and the voice inside my head saying, "Why this? And not mine?"

I am such a bad book club member...while I want to gush over a NYT bestseller, I just can't when there are flaws. And, it's my own issue...because one day, I hope that someone will read my books regardless of the flaws. Which, I am sure there will be many!

I am at the Alley today, sharing about this very topic. Please stop by!

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