Monday, February 8, 2016

Putting the Smack Down on Video Game Addiction: Mama Drama

You know, it's hard to parent these days. I know. We have technology like no other generation, and
our kids have grown a sweet tooth for virtual candy.

I have always struggled with what the limit should be...first with T.V. , now with MineCraft, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions, iPhone Apps, IPad play...yeah it goes on and on.

Honestly, I've done it to us. I am the one who handed my kids the video game platter. I bought the stupid plastic.

But, I am at my limit. After a long winter of gaming, I have decided to pull the plug (sorry for the cliche...but I literally just went around the house and did that to the computer and the xbox.)

Here are my top reasons:

7. When my baseball loving kid would rather sit on the couch and play virtual basketball instead of going to practice

6. When my swimmer throws a fit before swim practice because he'd rather "relax and play the xbox with his brother"--yes, and he uses the "brother unity" card to get mama's heart soft. Brotherly love? Eh...

5. When the kids just can't get a long after a long bout of gaming because they "kill" each other, sabotage each other's MineCraft creations, run upstairs in tears because they hate their brother for all the turmoil he's caused their world.

4. When video game time is up and World War III explodes because of the emotional weaning from game world to real world.

3. When I teach Sunday School, and other zombie children fill prayer request time with MineCraft talk. No way? Yes, way.

2. When Sunday night is mental breakdown and stress drama because they forgot about the homework Mama kept asking about ALL weekend...but they got plenty of time to defeat that world and try a gazillion other games.

1. When real life is seen as breaks from video game time. No, reading a book for 30 minutes does not mean it is a good break from gaming. 

You break from life with entertainment, not the other way around.

So, my boys will walk into the house today, with a big notice at their feet, and I will hang it up on the wall for a reminder. We've got to work on real life character, attitude, responsibility around here. Yes, there will be kicking, screaming, and gnashing of teeth, but caving to my reluctance for more Mama Drama is not going to benefit my kids at all. It's time to put the smack down on gaming. Lord Help Me!

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  1. Good idea. My son had an extra long weekend because of conference break. But yesterday morning, he realized he had forgotten to work on a certain project. And yes, I had asked him if all his homework was taken care of. Sheesh.