Friday, February 5, 2016

A Place to Go: Faith-Filled Friday

Ever felt like you wanted to run but you didn't know where to go? Sometimes I just want to get out of
my skin. It seems my bruised ego, ringed out heart, my conscience just want to claw their way from within me to some hideaway far from me.

Yeah, I feel like this often when I mess up in my parenting, marriage, and just life in general. And those angry rebels within me are only subdued by returning to only one place: God's word.

If you aren't a Bible reader, then you probably think I am being hokey. But I am dead serious. Whether you believe in it or not, the Scriptures soothe the human heart in such a unique, all-inclusive way, that there really is no denying that they are at least in touch with humanity.

And today, I found the Scripture I needed as a flail about trying to get out of my head, away from my heart, far from my mistakes.

Have a faith-filled Friday...and a blessed weekend!

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