Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Man Who Took A Stand

In our youth group this past Wednesday, the pastor dedicated his sermon to making an example of Martin Luther.

The man who took a stand.

Something the pastor mentioned was that Martin Luther wasn't necessarily calling for a "Protestant" reformation...but a reformation of the church. Many might have a bitter taste toward the German monk who was taking a stand for the people versus the establishment...but we should always call out the establishment when they are inflicting oppression and putting words in God's mouth.

It doesn't matter that this occurred in which church or which society, what matters is that, as all history, we can learn from it and follow in the footsteps of a revolutionary and take a stand for what is right here on out.

And teach our children to do the same.

One of the truths Martin Luther clung to is Ephesians 2:8-10. It's such a freeing verse. One that shows us that God's love is a gift...His salvation is given to us without any work that we can do...that from our acceptance of His love, we bring forth great works according to His plan.

Imagine if a German Monk never allowed the Word of God to seep into his heart and convict his spirit? Where would we be today?

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