Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Raising Skeptics Without Forfeiting Faith

**With the election year gearing up...can I hear and UGH!?....I needed this reminder, so I am posting it again! Have a great Wednesday!**
Lately I have noticed a trend across social media, political media, and whatever media: The audience's lack of skepticism. 
It seems human opinion is becoming GOD to the public. And I kinda understand. Because I know how it feels to have my pre-conceived ideas justified in print. In the past, I often cast off skepticism for an idea that aligned with my worldview. I would refuse to listen to the opposition with ears unplugged. I refused to let myself see the matter from a different view point. Sometimes, even now, I'll see something cross my newsfeed that appalls me, and I choose to believe it (and re-post, ack!) instead of seeking the truth of the matter.

More often than not, no matter the source, there is a truth being half-told, or covered up altogether.

One of my biggest fears used to be changing my worldview. I was told that there was only one way to look at things--"God's" way or the highway. I had been trapped into thinking that being loyal to God meant including myself under certain labels, certain opinions, certain trends. But all of those labels, opinions, trends...(ahem, political parties for example)...are man-made. Media is man-run. And lately, it all stinks of flesh to me. Many times, I find truth being covered up by even Christian sources. Sad but true.

As a parent trying to shape my kids' worldview, my fear swells at the responsibility.

Am I leading my kids down a path that is riddled with lies and cover-ups all in the name of God ('s people's opinions)? 

I have seen where this type of misinformed path might lead. My husband swore off religion altogether and identifies as an Atheist. You think I am being dramatic? I have fought that fight these past two years, and MUCH OF IT is because of the ugly actions and attitudes of Christ's church finally bringing my husband to a breaking point. I don't want that end for my children.

If we allow ourselves to align with certain truth-cover-uppers...or slanderers...our children will one day have minds of their own and realize the lies. If those lies taint Christian voices, then healthy skepticism for the world transfers to skepticism for the Church itself.

Once you become skeptical toward's Christ's church, more than just your political affiliations crumble...but your faith in Christ dies as well.

I want to instill faith in my kids, but teach them that God's truth and a keen sense of skepticism are all they can count on.

Regardless of who preaches, teaches, reports, or writes an article, I want my children to seek the truth of the matter with the truth of the SPIRIT guiding them.

I don't want them to view opinions equal to God's opinion. Every thing needs to be mulled over these days and affiliation with a media-driven idea needs to be held at arms length.

 My pastor often says that Christ's economy is upside down from the world's. And I am seeing that applied to all sides of all issues. Nothing is black and white. There is so much grey because We, The People muddy it. I am teaching my children to take EVERYTHING they hear with a skeptical, Christ-grounded look. If they need to turn it upside down to find truth, then skepticism will serve them well for a point of view with the whole truth, without the expense of their faith.

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