Friday, August 7, 2015

Faith-Filled Friday: 13 years of motherhood

Today my baby turns thirteen.


That sweet life-changer, love-grower, heart-skipper, breath-stopper, little baby boy I held in my tired arms as I blinked back tears, weighted with the immense privilege to share one of God's children with the world, is now too big to even give me a hug most days.

But tonight, as we chatted before bed, I took the opportunity to give him a fresh start. One with 365 days ahead to claim as new (and this goes for me too)!

I asked him to try and think how he can show those around him his Love for God with his whole heart, entire mind, and full strength. And it didn't take him long.
He knew his answers. I'll not share them here because I am going to also start by being a little more discreet for my boy-man's sake. But I will say, by his answers I saw that his heart is bigger than he shows, his mind is sharper than he admits, and his strength has so much potential for greatness...I pray, pray, pray a cover of protection over his character.

Thanks to this boy born on this day, I became a mom. And now, I am a mom of a teenager. There's going to be a lot of stepping up to the challenge around here. And stepping out in love and grace!

Have a faith-filled Friday...and weekend.

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