Monday, January 12, 2015

A Purpose of His Own

My husband and I had a debate this morning. And he was arguing the fact that many believing folk tell non-believing folk that they don't know how they can live without a purpose. This really gets under non-believers' skin. Non-believers embrace a purpose every day. The thing is, just because they don't have a divinely-inspired purpose, doesn't mean that they don't have a Divinely-planned purpose.  They choose to embrace the more explainable, tangible one. The human-limited one. Because really, God can orchestrate man regardless of their knowledge of it.
He's God.
Yeah, that's about it.
Here's an analogy to describe it. This man found his purpose. But it was his own limited mind that assigned it. What greater things he could have done if he chose to seek the One who could offer the man purpose viewed from His perch above?
There was a man who believed that there was no such need for a boss or authority or a guide. He could seek his purpose alone with no goals list, objectives, or rules.
He was smart enough.
He found an empty office at an unnamed building with no particular person to direct or guide him, and he took a seat at the desk.
While he sat there, without guidance or goals, he began to make up his own. He worked hard and diligently. He discovered his purpose, self-imposed as it was, and began to produce good from the office he had chosen for himself.
At the end of the long, productive day, he walked out of the office and ran into a business man at the corner.
"Who are you?" The business man asked.
"I am Joe. I work here."
"You do?"
"Yes. I found that office and I have worked hard and long all day."
"But who hired you?"
"What is your job title?"
"I don't need one. I have worked diligently and found my purpose." And Joe took the business man to his office and showed him spreadsheet upon spreadsheet. "See. I have solved all these problems and deserve to be paid."
"But we don't do this type of work here. You've wasted your time."
"What?" Joe was upset.
"If you would have found the boss, he would have given you the work that needed to be done. You've done work that is good, but it is reserved for the suite next door. They are experts. What a shame for you."
"So I wasted all my time?"
"I suppose. But, the boss would have given you something grander than spreadsheets. His assignments are indescribable."
And Joe's spreadsheets fell to the floor. They didn't look as impressive as he thought. His self-imposed purpose paled in comparison to what the man mentioned of the boss's assigned one. And Joe left the office, leaving behind work that had a purpose, on his scale. And he told himself that was enough, because he could not believe there was a greater purpose for his work. He was the only one who knew his capability, and nobody could change him.
So he left the building and began to search for a new empty desk at a different unnamed building with out a boss or a guide, except himself.
All the while, the boss tucked away a Purposeful work plan for the man who might walk in the doors and ask to join His company.

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