Saturday, April 12, 2014

Life is Pointless...Really

I can't imagine a world without love, can you?
And I can't imagine love being a product of our scientific make up instead of God.
Really, it doesn't make any sense to Love in a godless world. If our existence is purely based on science and random acts of matter, then what's the point of love?
Without God being Love, have you ever thought...what is the point of love? Is it just hormones raging from a scientific reaction to another creature...oh wait...can you call it that without "creation" in the picture?
Is humanity really significant from a scientific perspective? Does it even matter if I care for my neighbor, my brother, my kid...if there is no driving force bigger than a group of atoms that meshed together?
Raison d'etre is out the window if we are that insignificant in the universe. If life is just a second among billions and billions of years and just a spec among billions and trillions of stars, planets, universes...then what the heck is the point?
To breathe air and release carbon dioxide?
To gain pleasure for our insignificant atoms in a random development of materials?
To develop the next generation for the next second where they could help or destroy a planet that really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of infinity?

If there is no Who to care about all this life...then who cares?


Without the WHO, there is no answer to WHY...and without WHY we just don't really matter. 

Can anyone be okay with that?

Not me.

Every man, every woman, every CREATURE, is a testimony of the WHO...God's very essence is obvious in the love, the compassion, the heartache, the struggle. I don't care what you believe about God. Your definition of God does not change the Truth of God.

He made you...and you are proof of Him. No matter if you chose to believe it.

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