Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fluff or Slough?

So, I don't know if Blogger had a hiccup...but I just noticed that a post I wrote long ago, had over 18,000 Google shares. WHAT??? And I have 69 followers. Interesting. Hmmmm....take a look at the post, and consider following this blog...I have a new hope in sharing my heart!
For two days, my husband and I uncovered a whole mound of doctrine that we almost bought into...or didn't know we had allowed to shape us because it has wrapped its tendrils around many things we've always counted on as solid and true.
I have a sudden awareness of the world around me, and a deep desire to cling to the foundations of what I know. In the light of truths that I depend on, aka the Holy Bible, I am more aware than ever of twisted doctrine that's seeped into my heart, blurred my vision, and fostered a judgement for those who run the other way.

 I should be running, too.

 Mostly, I have realized, that just because it says "Christian", doesn't give it clout to be trusted. As much as I preach anti-cultural ideas, have I ever pulled apart the web of Christian culture to dissect the parts that paint a plastic doctrine of God? It's difficult, because it seems so appealing to the human heart, but only with a keen eye of discernment do I know that it's feeding my flesh, not my Spirit.

 Through solid Bible studies, like Beth Moore's, and my Scripture-preaching pastor, I begin to slough away the falsities, the manipulated ideas of putting experiences of God ahead of the Truths of God, pushing off the man-made notions that God needs us instead of us desperately needing Him in this one-way street to Glory. The false promise that what we've gone through has any clout  against the Word of God.

I am but filthy rags.

Never before has the solid teaching of hiding Scripture in my heart meant more to me. In a world of diluted doctrine and false prophets that have disguised themselves so well in the mainstream, I must be sharp and unwavering in the recesses of my soul.

Did I really think these warnings in Scripture only described obvious non-Christians? Sheep's clothing is trending as we speak, even among our Christian circles. It's fluff without the Word backing it up, it's synthetic without the roots of The Vine offering Life. Hiding the Word in my heart is my only chance to see beneath the disguise, to slough away the fluff and rest in Truth.

Click Here for Scripture on these Truths.

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