Friday, October 4, 2013

TGIF! Family FUN night!

Every Friday I am going to try and post an idea or a fun family activity to do with your own family. Hopefully, some of you will also give your own ideas to the discussion each time, so us mamas can treasure them away for the next "what-to-do" day.

This school year, we began to wonder if our time as a family would die in the face of after-school activities. We worried that we would lose the precious time left to really enjoy each other as a family. Besides redefining sports practices and games  as "family outings", we have also established "Family Night".

Each week (almost), we look at the calendar and choose one night where there is no conflict, or there is a chunk of time to be intentional. Family night is sacred...we don't give into optional activities and forget about family night. This week, our family night happens to fall on the weekend...TONIGHT to be exact! It's my six year old's turn to choose our activity (we rotate through), so upon his request, we are going to have an
All we need is:

A basement
Old couch and pillows
Chairs, table to climb under or on
various "obstacles"
a stop watch
a camera
and a family!

I expect our house will be loud and wild this evening!

So, what fun family activities are you doing this weekend? What ideas have you heard about or want to try? Let's spur each mama on to bring FUN to their family time!

Also, let me know if you want to be entered in the drawing for October!

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